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April 10, 2012

The BCYSL Spring Soccer season of 2012 is upon us, so let's "kick" it off!!! the League will kick off on 4/28.

This weekend (4/7) began the 2012 Spring season for the BCYSL. We ran a very successful referee clinic for all new referees and some other refs looking to work on the technical part of being an official. This clinic is not successful without the help and planning of many. so, I'd like to take this opportunity to give a BIG thank you to a few people.

First, this clinc does not happen without the assistance of the Dalton CRA. They took the extra time to ensure their fields were ready for action. Dan McMahon ensured us that not only did Dalton have several teams ready to play; but also, had his fields lined and goals anchored ensuring this clinic was a success. So, I would like to personally thank Dan, Alison Peters, and the crew chief Herbie for a job well done with the fields.

I would also like to thank several referees. Pat Bramer, our new Head Referee and our Assignor Bob Deemer were both on hand so that our new, young officials felt comfortable with the support system in place for them. As well, Glenn & Nate Brookman assists the refs with insight, and flag mechanics. Rich Riedel, Doug Esh, and Bob Geller were all instrumental in assisting with on field instruction.

I would also like to thank Glenn Sime of PSC U10G, Mick Lavino of Dalton U14B, Greg Caponi NA U14B, Craig Calvert & Eric Furlong from Dalton U12G for ensuring the scrimmages for the ref clinic happened. A difficult task on Easter weekend.

On another note, I would like to take the time to personally thank both Cathy Schnopp and Bill Koziara for their commitment to the success of the BCYSL. They have both decided to step away from the BCYSL Board of Directors (BOD). Bill has been with BCYSL for over 10 years as the Head Ref. His knowledge and consistent commitment to the youth of our League will be sorely missed. Bill was apart of our U10 Divisional Alignment committee for the past 4 years. His commitment to the U10 program will be missed. Thank You Bill.

Cathy Schnopp has been the League Secretary since 2006. She has been a dedicated BOD member and her commitment to the youth of the Berkshires will be sadly missed. She had keen insight not only as a BOD member, but as a member, she always thought of the players and had insight from the parent perspective as well. Thank You Cathy for your dedication to Youth Soccer.

With that, I want to thank Pat Bramer for accepting his new role as Head Ref. His strengths as a player, coach, and excellent soccer official will be instrumental in the success of our programs. Kara Dougherty has accepted the position as Secretary of BCYSL. Her knowledge as a former Berkshire County standout will be helpful to her in this new role.

Best of Luck to all teams for a happy and successful Spring season!!!

Yours in Soccer,

Brian Farley
BCYSL President



MTOC 2010 Sportsmanship Award Winners

North Adams U14 Girls
(coached by Samantha Tanner & Joe Mackey)

Berkshire Hills U14 Boys
(coached by Mike Powell)

Letter From The President
(summer 2010)

The PSC Sporting U12 Boys D1 and Pittsfield Pythons U-14 Boys D1 wild card had a very good showing at MTOC's. PSC Sporting coached by Vin Higuera & Steve Peplowski made a very strong run at their division losing a heartbreaker in the end. And the Pythons coached by Brian Reardon & Andrew Schnopp failed to advance to the Final Four by losing a tiebreaker for the wildcard in their age group on the second tier of tiebreakers (goals against).

The Berkshire Hills U14 Boys D1 winner and North Adams U14 Girls D2 winner both had very good showing in Lancaster. Mike Powell coach of the Berkshire Hills boys has brought this same group of players to the MTOC's four years in a row. This squad won the MTOC Sportsmanship Award in their age Bracket this year. The North Adams Girls squad coached by Samantha Tanner fared well in their bracket also winning the Sportsmanship Award in their age group as well. These two teams should be proud of this accomplishment and it is evident that this type of Sportsmanship starts with the coaches as they are both known for being tremendous sportspersons.

And finally, the U18 age bracket represented by both Lenox Boys & the Dalton Girls. Both of these teams are repeat winner coming from the U16 division last year and the Dalton Girls coming back to MTOC's as the defending D1 champs. Lenox Boys coached by Trevor Burnham had an outside chance of a wildcard berth only to fall short. The Dalton Girls coached by Kathy Budja & Mike Arsenault once again won their division and lost a 1-0 heartbreaker in the Final Four.

It is very impressive to see the strength of the County and how it improves annually. Great job BCYSL!

In other news...It was with deep regret that the MYSA accepted Don Rawson's resignation as the Executive Director. He was hired less than a year ago after the death of John Burrill. John was instrumental in the successful campaign to make Lancaster a reality. They will both be missed. However, I am also very pleased to inform everyone associated with the BCYSL that Mike Singleton has accepted the position of Executive Director of MYSA. He was MYSA's Director of Development and Head of Coaching for the past several years. Mike is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about this new endeavor. Please join me in wishing Mike the best of luck!

Ted Ritchie the President of MYSA has recently informed each League that every squad must register each and every player and coach regardless if they are dual rostered or coaching more than one team. This is a very recent change that must begin starting this fall. Please take note of this. [full text of letter to leagues]

Last night the BCYSL BOD officially got the Fall 2010 season underway in a meeting with the Town Coordinators. Best of Luck to all the towns and teams for a happy and healthy season.

Yours in Soccer,

Brian Farley
BCSYL President


Congratulations to the Dalton U16 Girls - MTOC Division One Champions!

Lightning: A Few Tips

Lightning is a serious danger. Thus lightning safety requires a large standoff distance from thunderstorms and a long standoff time after apparent thunderstorm decay.  Thunder produced by a lightning strike travels one mile (1.6 km) every five seconds. Thus, counting the number of seconds between the visible "flash" and the audible "bang" and dividing by 5, provides the distance in miles.

Employ the "30-30 Rule" to know when to seek a safer location. The "30-30 Rule" states that when you see lightning, count the time until you hear thunder. If this time is 30 seconds or less, go immediately to a safer place. If you can't see the lightning, just hearing the thunder means lightning is likely within striking range. After the storm has apparently dissipated or moved on, wait 30 minutes or more after hearing the last thunder before leaving the safer location.

The "30-30 Rule" is best suited for existing thunderstorms moving into the area. However, it cannot protect against the first lightning strike. Be alert to changes in sky conditions portending thunderstorm development directly overhead. Larger outdoor activities, with longer evacuation times, may require a longer lead-time than implied by the "30-30 Rule."

When lightning threatens, go to a safer location. Do not hesitate.

What is a safer location? The safest place commonly available during a lightning storm is a large, fully enclosed, substantially constructed building, e.g. your typical house, school, library, or other public building. Substantial construction also implies the building has wiring and plumbing, which can conduct lightning current safely to ground. However, any metal conductor exposed to the outside must not be touched precisely because it could become a lightning conduit. Once inside, stay away from corded telephones, electrical appliances, lighting fixtures, ham radio microphones, electric sockets and plumbing. Don't watch lightning from open windows or doorways. Inner rooms are generally preferable from a safety viewpoint.

If you can't reach a substantial building, an enclosed vehicle with a solid metal roof and metal sides is a reasonable second choice. As with a building, avoid contact with conducting paths going outside. Close the windows, lean away from the door, put your hands in your lap and don't touch the steering wheel, ignition, gear shifter or radio. Convertibles, cars with fiberglass or plastic shells, and open-framed vehicles are not suitable lightning shelters.

Lightning Safety Guide For Coaches (pdf)