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Policy, Procedure and Bylaw Changes to Note

The following are in effect for the Spring 2013 season.

U12 & U14 Divisions

BCYSL will offer 2 divisions in the U12 and U14 age groups.

The MTOC Division will be eligible and compete for berths in Mass Youth Soccer's Massachusetts Tournament of
Champion. Teams in this division will play a 6-8 game season followed by a playoff system to determine final berth awards.

The County Division is nominally the “developmental” division and teams playing in this division will not be eligible for

Towns should self-select for the appropriate division, however BCYSL reserves the right to place teams in a division based
on a review of team history, strength, and other considerations.

BCYSL Scoring Policy

No team is to win by more than a goal differential of 7. If a violation occurs the coach of the team will need to appear before the BOD at the next scheduled meeting and plead his/her case. If the coach does not attend the next scheduled meeting the coach will be suspended until he/she attends the next available meeting with the BOD. The Scoring Policy will be signed by coaches and submitted with rosters.

Revised Sportsmanship section of BCYSL Bylaws

XIV. Sportsmanship

A. Zero Tolerance Policy – BCYSL has jurisdiction over any MYSA or USYSA sanctioned event,
including tournaments, relative to ZTP violations and enforcement.

(iii) Coaches and Assistants - It is the responsibility of all Coaches and Assistants to maintain the highest standards of conduct for themselves, their players and supporters in all matches. Failure to do so undermines the Referee's authority and the integrity of the game resulting in a hostile environment for players, the referee, coaches, assistant coaches and spectators. Coaches may not interact directly or indirectly with the coaches or players of the opposing team during the game in any manner that may be construed as negative, hostile or sarcastic either by way of demonstrative actions and gestures or by illintentioned remarks. Coaches may not offer dissent to any call made by the officials. Coaches are not to address the Referee during the game except to:

(a) respond to a referee who has initiated a conversation;

(b) point out emergency or safety issues;

(c) make substitutions;

(d) ask the referee to repeat a call;

(e) ask for the time remaining in the half; and/or

(f) ask a referee after a game, in a polite and constructive way, to explain a law or foul but not judgment
calls made during the game. Polite and friendly concern can be exchanged with the referee. If the polite tone of the conversation changes, the Referee may abandon the exchange at any time. Absolutely no sarcasm, harassment or intimidation is allowed.

In the opinion of the referee, depending on the severity of the offense, the referee may take any of the following actions:

(a) issue a yellow card to the offending Coach or Assistant Coach;

(b) issue a red card the offending Coach or Assistant Coach. The Coach or Assistant Coach will be required to leave the field. If there is no alternate Coach listed on the roster the game is abandoned and will result in a forfeit for the offending team; and/or

(c) abandon the game. If the Coach or Assistant Coach does not leave the field. The game will result in a forfeit for the offending team.

(iv) Referees - It is the responsibility of the Referees to maintain the highest level of professionalism at all times. Further it is the responsibility of the Referees to control the game governed by the FIFA Laws of the Game with modifications as dictated by BCYSL’s Local Playing Rules. Referees will:

(a) conduct themselves in a professional manner;

(b) answer questions posed to them as allowed per the above guidelines in a prompt and courteous manner except that Referees do not have to explain judgment calls made during the game; and

(c) maintain their integrity and independence by not being influenced by acquaintances or by the Coaches or Assistant Coaches.

(v) Violations – all violations of this ZTP will be referred to Head Referee and/or the BCYSL Executive Board for review and possible disciplinary action, pursuant to Section VII. F. (iv) of these bylaws. Sanctions/disciplinary action may be imposed by BCYSL above and beyond any disciplinary action taken by tournaments or play outside of BCYSL.

VII. Local Playing Rules

F. Misconduct

(i) General
Any behavior (player, coach, spectator, and/or referee) that is judged unbecoming or inappropriate shall be referred to the Head Referee for review and action. All on-field behavior whether sanctioned by the referee or not, is subject to review by BCYSL’s Executive Board.

(iii) Coaches
Any ejection of a coach from a game will result in a minimum one (1) game suspension to be served at the next league sanctioned game, including, but not limited to MTOC competition. Coaches may be issued yellow cards in regards to the Zero Tolerance Policy, which will carry one point against the team. An ejection will result in three points against the team. If a coach is given one yellow card and an ejection from the same match, only three points will be counted. These cards/points will be included in the Team’s count in the section entitled "Card Accumulation" in the event of tie breakers for competitions. Additional disciplinary action(s) may be taken upon the Head Referee and/or the BCYSL Executive Board’s review of the incident.

(iv) Misconduct Reviewed - All cards and any other misconduct by coaches, players, clubs, referees or spectators, including violations of the Zero Tolerancce Policy, will be first reviewed by the Head Referee, with suspensions or bans levied at his/her discretion, subject to review by the BCYSL Executive Board. The Head Referee may include the involved Town Coordinators and has the ability to refer incidents to the Disciplinary Panel. If the Head Referee defers the incident to the Disciplinary Panel, Town Coordinators MUST submit a written description of the incident to the BCYSL Secretary within 48 hours from date of Head Referee’s deference. The Secretary will acknowledge receipt of the written description to the Town Coordinators and forward it to all member of the BCYSL Executive Board.

(a) The Disciplinary Panel will be appointed by the Executive Board and chaired by the Head Referee. It shall be made up of a minimum of two BCYSL Executive Board Members and will not include any BCYSL Executive Board member who is affiliated with teams involved in the incident, or has personal relationships with anyone involved. Any decisions reached by the Disciplinary Panel shall be submitted in writing to the BCYSL Executive Board and the two Town Coordinators of the two clubs whose teams were involved in the incident.

(b) Decisions made by the Disciplinary Panel may be appealed directly to the BCYSL Executive Board. A non-refundable $200 fee must accompany a completed Appeal Request Form within 10 days of the rendering of the Disciplinary Panel’s decision. The forms and fees shall be sent directly to BCYSL’s Secretary. No appeal will be acknowledge until forms and fees are received. Once received the BCYSL Executive Committee will select a date and time for a hearing before an Appeals Committee and will forward the information to the Town Coordinators involved in the incident. One coach listed on the current team’s roster for each team and the Town Coordinator for each club shall be invited to attend the Appeal Hearing. A decision will be rendered by the BCYSL Appeals Committee within 48 hours after the Appeal Hearing and will be submitted to the two Town Coordinator(s) involved. (Please also refer to Bylaw Section XV. Appeals).

XV. Appeals

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