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Berkshire County Youth Soccer League

Revised ZTP (Zero Tolerance Policy) - Required for all players & parents/guardians.

Upcoming Schedule/Deadlines for Spring 2015

March 20 - Player Waivers due. (Fall waivers are still in effect unless a condition of the waiver has changed.)

March 20 - Final date to drop a team (Applies to Developmental Division only. No drops allowed for MTOC division.)

March 27 - Final date to add a team to the Developmental Division (No adds accepted for MTOC division)

March 31, 7P - Coaches Meeting, Roster Verification, Nessacus Regional Middle School, Dalton <location confirmed

April 6 - Schedules released to Town Coordinators

April 18 - U12 & U14 Season begins

April 26 - U10 Season begins

June 13 & 14 - Berkshire Cup playoff for Developmental Division (season ends)

June 20 & 21 - MTOC Division playoffs

June 26 - 28 - MTOC

Trailblazer Cup

Saturday May 23 at MCLA, 3v3 Tournament
Info and registration

Referee Grade 8 Entry Level Course, Referee Grade 8 for Grade 9 Referees Course

Sunday, March 22, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
1 West Street
Pittsfield, MA, 01201

Register online at

BCYSL Scholarships

Application and information for 2015. Please help spread the word.

Spring 2015 Team Entry/Club Coordinator/Annual General Meeting

January 27, 7P Lenox Community Center
February 3, 7P Lenox Community Center

Due at this meeting:

Arbiter Access for Coaches

BCYSL Coaches will have the ability to access their team(s) schedule in Arbiter.  For this to happen we need a few things from the coaches:

1.  Provide your Town Coordinator with an active email account you want to use as your login.  Once your Town Coordinator has compiled a list for all the teams in your Town, he/she will forward that list to the BCYSL for entry into

2.  If you are a new coach, OR you have supplied a different email address than you previously used for, watch your email account for a Welcome Email.  Sometimes the welcome email goes to "spam" or "junk" folders, so please check there before reaching out to the Town Coordinator that you didn't receive a welcome email.  If you still are unable to find the welcome email in your junk or spam folder, please let your Town Coordinator know so they can request a new welcome email be sent.

3.  BCYSL will enter your information (if you do not already have an account) and will link the team(s) you coach to your account.

4.  Once you are logged into, please be sure to update your personal information.  It is imperative that you add at least a cell phone number, as this is used in the event a game needs to be cancelled due to an emergency or inclement weather.  Or if a BCYSL League member needs to reach you to review a game situation or ask you a question in regards to a game or notify your about a change of official information. 

5.  PLEASE NOTE:  If you use Arbiter for more than one sport or sport organizations, you may need to "Switch Views" (once you log into arbiter, you will see this option across the top right of the home screen).  To see BCYSL's schedule, you need to choose the view labeled  "Berkshire County Youth Soccer League".

6.  Once the linking is done, you will be able to view / print your team(s) schedule from within Arbiter Sports.

7.  All coaches requests / questions / concerns regarding Arbiter should be directed to their Town Coordinator.


Lenox U14 Boys - MTOC Div 1 Sportsmanship Award Winners

NSCAA Level 2 Coaching Course - August 10

Designed to help coaches implement developmentally appropriate training games to improve skill levels in a fun, safe and challenging environment. The Diploma has three parts, classroom with theory of coaching U8-U10, field work with coaches and field work with U8-U10 players. Coaches not working at this age group would benefit greatly from an appreciation of the developmental abilities and needs of this important age group.

The Basics

  • Date: August 10, 2014 from 9AM to 4PM. Hour break for lunch.
  • Location: MCLA in North Adams. Field session will be on the Turf field at MCLA. Classroom session is TBA
  • Cost: $50
  • Level: 2 (you DON'T need prior certification to take level 2)

Registration and More information
Scroll down to North Adams course

Referee Grade 8 Entry Level Course and
Referee Grade 8 for Grade 9 Referees Course

Fall Season Deadlines & Dates

  • July 15, 7P, Lenox Community Center
    Team Registration Meeting
  • Aug 5, 7P, Lenox Community Center
    Coaches Meeting on
  • Fall Season opens on Sept 6th
  • No League play on Columbus Day Weekend (Oct 11th & 12th)
  • League will allow 2 additional reschedules for 3v3 Tournament in BH (9/20); and for Yom Kippur (Oct 4th)
  • Fall Season ends on Nov 2nd

Forms for Fall 2014

U10 Team Entry Form due 7/15

U12 & U14 Team Entry Form due 7/15

Club Coordinator Form due 7/15

Field Availability Form due 7/15

Player Waiver (town-to-town) due prior to 8/5

Age Waiver

MTOC Playoff Tournament Schedule

Note this is subject to change. The current, updated schedule is always available on Arbiter.

MTOC Playoff Schedule [pdf] posted 6/21, 10:30P

Berkshire Cup Results!

U12 Girls Champions - Lenox Gold

U12 Boys Champions - Lenox Gold

U14 Girls Champions - Adams Jr Ladycanes

Lightning Safety

Player Waivers

Waiver requests are due to the registrar prior to the August 5 registration meeting.

Waivers are in effect for one year, August 1, to July 31 each year. If a player played for your club in the fall, they do not need a new waiver for the spring season.

New procedure

Club requesting waiver downloads waiver form from BCYSL website. (Waiver form is an editable pdf.)***

Note that the new form will accommodate multiple requests from one club to another (up to 10 players per form). You will need a separate form for each town to which you are making the request, but not a separate form for each player.


Download the waiver form and save a copy for each town to which you will be making a request. Use the following convention for naming your copies.


Fill out each copy of the form as appropriate and save the completed form (using naming convention above).

Email the forms to the club coordinators of the clubs to which you are making the requests.

Waiving clubs complete form (die "signs" and dates) and saves form without renaming it.

Waiving clubs returns forms to club making request.

Club making request, collects all forms they have initiated and sends as attachment, via email to the registrar.

notes:  1) Waivers are only accepted from club officials, not individual coaches or families. 3) Typed entries will be accepted as "signatures" providing the forms are submitted via the email address of record for the club official.

Alternately, clubs may print forms and run them around the county for signatures, but remember they must be received by the registrar prior to March 25.

*** Note: PDF may not display properly with some browser plugins (ie Firefox builtin viewer). Works best with Acrobat Reader. If you are unable to edit and save in your browser, save file, use windows explorer, find file and open with Acrobat.

Safety Protocol Clarification

There appears to be some confusion regarding the newly stated safety protocol.

  • If it is a head or neck injury, or possible concussion. Stop play immediately and cede authority to, and heed a 1st responder if there is one.
  • HOWEVER, if there is a player that goes down and it is not a head or neck injury and a goal scoring opportunity, let play continue.
  • IF a player goes down holding an ankle or knee OR a player loses a shoe, play continues especially if its a possible goal scoring opportunity. If it is NOT a goal scoring opportunity youth players should be encouraged to play the ball out of bounds.

Current Bylaws updated

Concussions and Sports - Information Page at Massachusetts Youth Soccer



Game Day Reminder

  • Home team is the only one that can cancel a game due to weather/field conditions. This decision must be made no later than 2 hours prior to match time. Home coach is responsible for notifying the opposing coach and the official. After the 2 hour mark, only the match official may cancel a match.
  • Home team is responsible for providing secure goals with nets, a properly marked field and corner flags.
  • At U12 and above, the home team is responsible for supplying a score card which must be signed by the match official and both coaches and then kept on filed with the club.
  • Each team is responsible for 1/2 of the officials fee ($15 each for U10, $20 each for U12, $50 each for U14/U16, $60 each for U18). Cash only please!
  • important> Both teams are responsible for reporting the final score as well as any cards issued to their club's score reporter, who is required to report all club scores to the BCYSL Score Keeper. Failure to report scores in a timely fashion is a fineable infraction.