The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Online Roulette

Many have the notion that online roulette is a simple casino game where a player simply places a bet, spins the wheel and hopefully trousers a payout. This guide is purposefully meant to shade more light on roulette. Also, visit for more insight into the casino.


Understand the difference between the European and the American Roulette

The first thing every aspiring roulette player should know is the difference between the American and the European online roulette. Theoretically, the difference between the two is zero. That is to say, the American roulette version features an additional cell, a double zero. However, in practice:

  • The American roulette runs an edge of 5.3%
  • The European roulette runs an edge of 2.7%

The above effects on the house edge have a lot to be desired. It simply implies that a run of bad luck is overly costly in the American version of roulette. For lucky bettors who plan to bet on a single number, the odds are 37/1 and 36/1.

Know the difference between inside bets and outside bets

Inside bets basically focus on specific combinations or single number bets. It features a straight-up bet which is, in essence, the most rewarding roulette game bet paying 35:1. Other inside bets are, such as five-number bet, six-number bet, corner bet, split bet, and street bet.

Outside bets, on the other hand, are the bets that a player places outside the 37 numbers that are primarily displayed on the roulette table. The red or black in outside bet implies that a player bets predicts that the betting outcome with be either black or red.

Understand the minimums

Each table of roulette comes with a predetermined set of maximum and minimum bets. The implication of these numbers is that a player can't join the action if their bets don't meet at least the minimum amount. This implies that the player should:

  • Seek excitement elsewhere if the dealer won't let them bet as much as they would like to, or
  • Learn how to deal with such limits

There are always ways to deal with the set minimums in a roulette game. It all depends on your bet. Most newbie roulette players tend to lack this vital information and, as such, they actually feel obliged to bet the minimum on every Inside bet that they place.

Know the Announced Bets

Announced bets are the special types of bets usually found in both the European and French roulettes. When a player opens the racetrack, they get easy and quick access to this variation of bets when playing online. The neighbor of zero is among the most popular Announced bets.

The neighbor of zero is a 9-chip bet that includes the corner and split bets covering the seven and zero numbers on either side. Another announced bet is the 'third of the wheel', a six-chip bet which consists of six splits covering roughly a third of the wheel.

Bond strategy and the martingale system

You can always employ more devious strategies in a bid to cut the risk even further. The bond strategy is among the known devious strategies that have worked for many. Using this system and assuming you had $100 to bet, you'd bet as follows:

  • $5 on zero for insurance
  • $40 on the first third
  • $55 on the high numbers

The Martingale system is a proven strategy. If you're fond of playing on one cell regularly, the best move is to double down whenever you lose. This will enable you to minimize the losses. It also offers you the best way to slowly increase your chances of winning.